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In specialized  translation, the first thing to keep in mind is the proper substitution of the specialized phrases in each field, in which the translator should not only have knowledge of the specialized knowledge required in this field, but also be familiar with the specialized words of that field. For this reason, the specialized knowledge required in English is very important. After translation, specialized text editing begins, which is very important for the quality of the content. 
At present, with the help of a prominent panel of professional translators graduating from prestigious state and foreign universities, we conduct specialized translation services.
Among the advantages of using this network is the online translator-customer relationship, which in all cases, including translation order, cost estimation, delivery time, and translation process, we establish a continuous relationship with customers. Our speed is another great advantage of this professional network. In addition, orders are made here immediately, in half-time, and in various academic disciplines.

Simultaneous translation services in English, Farsi, Russian, Arabic and all languages is our another benefit, which is provided by expert translators.

In the simultaneous translation or oral translation, because translating phrases from the source language to the target language in an oral form in which the statements are not direct and complete, and they immediately disappear, the true translation is of particular importance and is the most challenging type of translation. The problem with this type of translation is the content and mechanism of translation, which requires an adequate experience for a proper translation. Our network allows you to simultaneously send simultaneous interpreter to international conferences, global conferences, big summits, periodic symposia and other programs that can help you in business negotiations and business meetings. Here, we have translators who are familiar with a variety of topics and can at the same time provide the best translation. 

We have the best Simultaneous Translation Services in Iran for Persian Translation. Persian an Iranian language in the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages which is rooted in Persian influence. What makes our services distinguished is that about 110 million Persian speakers are speaking in the world with comparable capabilities and talents. Translating this language to or from English can make you familiar with new and specialized knowledge of the world and specialized fields such as geography, astronomy, agriculture, architecture, cooking, economics, education, electronics, energy, engineering, finance, games, automation, automotive, biology, business, and set forth. 

Other benefits of using our services are security and confidentiality. Our translators provide translation services while maintaining the quality, security, and confidentiality of your works. It is important for us to stick to the rules for protecting customer information.

Here, orders are processed quickly and easily and we only need you to upload your article. Customer support and timely delivery are also our other services. Due to our cooperation with dedicated and professional translators, we will review your translation order qualitatively and quantitatively. A quality translation in the shortest time possible is the sign that we respect our client's rights, commitment and accountability. 

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